These are my own pictures from the trips I've been to, and also of my own dogs.

Jarro, my teacher, who now helps me in my work from the "other side".

My dogs Hera and Shima. The breed is Nederlandse Kooikerhondje.

Listening To The Animals


Animal Communication and Healing

My name is Tina Nyberg, born and raised in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Animals have always been a big part of my life, with a hamster and a budgie as my first animals. Horses became my favorite animal when I at the age of 7 started horse back riding at a riding school. I also spent a lot of time with dogs. Being unable to have one of my own, I took care of other people's.

I have always had a special connection with animals but didn't understand that I was able to communicate directly with them until much later on in adulthood. I found a course in animal communication and that was the start of this journey. Since then I have mostly talked to dogs, cats and horses, but have also communicated with a lama. That was a little different.

When I connect with an animal, all I need is a photo and their name. That means that I don't depend on a special place to be or live. I work equally well with distant communication and healing as I do with the animal next to me. I have communicated with animals on the Faroe Islands and in Equador, and there are no limits to this. Everything is about energies and they are boundless.

I love traveling, mostly for the experience of animals and nature. I have been to Hawaii swimming with dolphins, on Tonga where I snorkled with humpback whales and on safari in Tanzania where my daughter and I experienced the wonderful wild life of Serengeti, including a day in a hot air balloon. I have many destinations left on my wishlist, and I intend to fulfill them all.

I spend my summers in Sweden and the winters in Spain, since the Swedish climate in wintertime doesn't agree with my body. So like the birds, I fly south.

If you would like to know more  I will be happy to answer your questions.

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