These are my own pictures from the trips I've been to, and also of my own dogs.

Jarro, my teacher, who now helps me in my work from the "other side".

My dogs Hera and Shima. The breed is Nederlandse Kooikerhondje.

Listening To The Animals


Animal Communication and Healing

In my communication with the animals, I use different techniques. First, I introduce myself and ask if it's ok that we connect and speak a little bit. Animals really appreciate getting their voice heard. Then I start by scanning the body of the animal, feeling if there are any blockages in their energy. It is also important to ask if it is the animal's own blockage or if it is reflecting its owner. It's common for the animals to do that.

Then I go on and with the help of healing I try to dissolve what I can. When we are ready, we take some time to talk. I have noticed that the animals that come to me usually won't tell long stories, instead they talk about what they feel is urgent or a problem and expect me to forward what they said to the owners. Sometimes you get information that feels out of context, but I have to trust that the animals tell me what matters to them.

In my work, I also use Dr Bach Flower Remedies. It's a wonderful complement to help the mental part, from fear of being alone to aggressions. Click here for more information about Dr Bach Flower Drops.

I always finish by thanking the animal for allowing me to hear their stories, being allowed to help them with what I have been able to. It is with great gratitude that I convey the messages they want to give to their owners. The animals teach us so much.

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