These are my own pictures from the trips I've been to, and also of my own dogs.

Listening To The Animals


Animal Communication and Healing

What is true about Tina, is that she deeply adores the animals and therefore is of absolute service to them. She is completely open to what the animals are communicating and this comes thru her in a genuine and loving way. I have relied on Tina when I have been strongly contracted in emotions and fear and unable to clearly communicate with the animals in my life. This has been a lifeline and tremendous support especially thru Naya's transition journey, my 14 year old Angel dog. I have no doubt Tina will be there for us and am deeply grateful.


Jillian Rutledge, Professional Animal Caregiver & Veterinary Technologist, Vancouver Island




My dog Quienzy and I have been very pleased with the help Tina has given us. Quienzy suddenly changed her behavior, which made me very worried and frustrated. When I didn't understand her, I was afraid there was something seriously wrong. I contacted Tina and Tina reached out to Quienzy and they had a "Talk". Thanks to Tina's ability as "dog whisperer" and Tina's knowledge in general, Quienzy and I now have an even better relationship. I can definitely recommend Tina, I know she is skilled, present and good at communicating her knowledge.


Marita Milo, Faroe Islands



Tina "talked" with my cat Dumle. She really caught his qualities and his special way of being. I often think of the things Tina got about Dumle, and that's really accurate. It feels like I got to know Dumle even better after I received this information.


Anna Pettersson, Sverige







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